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Our Tuckpoint Service is Offered throughout Plainfield, IL

Tuckpointing is the process of replacing old weathered mortar with new mortar. The picture to the right illustrates bricks where the mortar is deteriorating and needs to be re-pointed. For a full restoration of the exterior, grinding out the mortar with a diamond blade is necessary. The dust and debris are then removed by power washing the surface without damaging the face of the brick.

Mortar is carefully chosen to match the existing mortar joints. There are three specific tyeps of mortar to choose from depending on which type of mortar was previously used on the building. Type N, Type S and a lime-based mortar to be used for old restoration projects.

The process of neatly re-pointing the joints consists a flush style joint or tooled joint.The tooled joint will provide a longer lasting mortar joint consistent with the original joint profile. This style involves quality craftsmanship in order to achieve a more professional appearance.

Tuck pointing Brick or Stone

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