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Fireplaces are an added comfort in any home. A-Advantage Masonry can install a solid masonry fireplace for you, or reface your existing fireplace.

There are a wide variety of products to choose from when considering refacing the front of your exiting fireplace. Brick, slate, slate tile, marble and cultured stone (as pictured to the right) are some examples. If you choose to keep the existing front, tuckpointing repairs can be done to keep the bricks intact.

An improperly maintained fireplace which has not been cleaned, inspected, or repaired can lead to a dangerous chimney fire. A blocked fireplace on a furnace chimney can cause the build up of deadly carbon monoxide fumes inside the home.

If your fireplace or furnace chimney is in need of repair, we can recommend the proper solution. WE install fireboxes, smoke chambers or chimney liners made of aluminum or stainless steel.

Chimney Rebuilding

A deteriorated chimney can cause major structural problems.

An improperly constructed or cracked concrete crown is one of the major causes of chimney deterioration. Water allowed to penetrate the brick can cause extensive roof damage. During cold weather, the water can freeze and cause spalling of the bricks.

Another major factor of deteriorated or missing liner (a problem in older building) which allows carbon monoxide and other dangerous chemicals to break down the brick and mortar joints.

Firebox Repair

Fireplaces Built, Repaired & Refaced with stone veneer

Chimney Repair & Rebuilding

Chimney Crown Repair

Chimney Liner Installation