Historical Masonry Restoration

Restoration of historical buildings involves a more comprehensive analysis of the existing mortar joints. Buildings built in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s were built using a putty or lime slack mortar. This type of mortar was more flexible, softer mortar mixture. This allowed for more expansion and prolonged resistance to weathering. We make our own historical mortar mix or we can get a custom made historical mortar for your project.

The process of neatly repointing the joints consists of a flush style joint or a tooled joint. The tooled joint will provide a longer lasting mortar joint consistent with the original joint profile.

When restoring a building, many factors come into play. A-Advantage Masonry works closely with building owners and architects in order to achieve the desired results.

Masonry Walls Repaired & Rebuilt

Parapet Well Repair & Replacement

Masonry & Stone Facade Repairs

Steel Lintel Repair & Replacement

Cultured Stone & Veneer Stone Installation

Mailboxes Built & Repaired – Brick/Stone

Masonry Signs Built & Repaired – Brick/Stone